Meet Sushi! The forever whale of the creator.

Beluga Bay is a place for adorable Beluga Whales to come live on the blockchain.

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NFT Collections:

Season One Collection

Free Chilly

Halloween 2021 Collection

Legends of Halloween

Vampires of the Four Houses

Mission Statement:

Beluga Bay is an adventure-based NFT Incubator Grass Roots LaunchPad. Our goal when not playing will be to uplift artists and creators with education, collaboration, sweeping floors, promotion, and distribution of NFTs. We have a strong belief in the 1000 fan rule. My goal is to build a smaller but cohesive community to help each other thrive.

Back Story:

My love for beluga whales started back in the late ’90s. I went on a trip to Chicago where I was lucky enough to get to see the Beluga tank there. I had never seen a beluga before, but I have been obsessed ever since that day. I have always had a fascination with whales in general, but the adorable nature of belugas really pushed my love for the creature to the point that when deciding on an NFT project, the beluga stood out for me.

Houses of Beluga Bay:

PuddleHop: House PuddleHop is mostly magic users and book worms. They are fun-loving whales that live in the tidal pools of Beluga Bay.
DarkWater: House DarkWater are spell weavers. Rumors state that they could possibly dabble in the dark arts. They live in a giant underwater cave under the strange looking island in Beluga Bay.
Shallowbay: These chaotic good whales live in the shallow. They are the ambassadors of the Beluga Bay. They are rumored to be the whales with the most wealth. They also act as diplomats to the Beluga Bay whale.
FireCoral: Fierce warriors with very little magic, House FireCoral live around the reef. They are the guardians of Beluga Bay and are ready to protect the bay against any forces the seek to do harm.

Map of the Bay

Who We Are:

Beluga Bay is primarily the work of Interplanetary Pet Shop. I am the creator/artist / art director/coder for Beluga Bay. I have been a coder and plush toy designer and game designer for many years. My entry into the NFT space came naturally and seemed like the evolution that had to happen. Whether or not Belugas will come in plush form is yet to be determined. We hope so.

aiex — community leader and so much more.

The Castle — Group of amazing folks that have supported me since the beginning.

Frenz Group — Everyone I didn’t shout out.

The NFTs:

Season One is 3333 NFTs of adorable Belugas. We’ve lost track of how many unique combinations, but at one point it was 90 Million. Yes. 90 Million.

Beluga Bay Objectives:

Beluga Bay’s utility will be to help smaller artists with promotion and community building. Once Season One is rolling, this will mean buying and redistributing NFTs that the community is engaged with. While making a profit for our Beluga holders is important, building a community that consistently gives back is our primary focus. Having been on too many 10k projects that end up with a bunch of unhappy people complaining about a 0.01 dip in their NFT is not something that I find exciting or compelling. My goal is to avoid that. Our success will be forging a creative path and sticking to our guns under pressure.

Official Partners:


Bridge ETH from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon Mainnet.

ARTIZCOIN — Non Fungible Certificate

Beluga Bay Academy

  1. Come together as a community to pool skill sets and springboard projects for whale owners.
  2. Education newbies to the blockchain.

Beluga Utility Objectives:

  1. Create a fun Polygon project for people that can’t hang with gas wars.
  2. provide Random Airdrops since Polygon allows this affordably.
  3. Build Beluga Ecosystem
  4. Frequent Contests to keep the community excited and engaged.
  5. Provide rewards for holders.

Associated Projects:


2. Interplanetary Pet Shop

3. NFT Dungeon

4. FRENZ Group

All can be found here:

Beluga Currency:

Hornesby the shopkeep lives in the blockchain and will give quests out in the discord to those willing to get paid in Belugacoin. Coins can be sent to Hornesby’s wallet to redeem for special Beluga-related swag. Belucoins are on polygon so the transactions will not be prohibitive to the fun. These coins are a fun gaming system and not to be considered an investment that would put the project in jeopardy with our marketplaces.

Project Editions:

Pre-Alpha : Anything up until Season One Launch Beluga Bay — Founders Special Edition Collection

This collection was the testbed of my ability to create NFTs. I cut my teeth on these 100 whales learning how generative projects worked. The people that were kind enough to grab one of these whales will be gifted (two) Season One whales on launch. This will allow them to retain the Founders edition whale and also reward them with an additional whale for things like raffles and lottos.

Season One: The Beluga Genesis

3333 Adorable Belugas will be released to the world for adoption. After the mass adoption happens, holders of these whales will be randomly chosen to receive special edition rare whales. These special edition whales will be the legendary status whales. These will be sought after for traits that you can’t buy. Some will be named whales. Some will have skins that no other whales have. Some will have cute backstories or special roles inside of the Beluga kingdom.

I have dedicated a hefty budget to make sure that these whales keep coming and keep Season One interesting. If nothing else, keeping the community engaged and happy is my goal. I don’t really want people to hyper-fixate on how rare their whale is. I would rather you fall in love with your whale than fall in love with some statistic. That said, you’ll be owning a whale that has traits that are 1 out of an 84 million trait possibility. So just like humans each of these whales will have its own personality.

Beluga Bay Free Chilly:

1000 Cool Colored Whales have been created as a free entry into the Beluga Bay franchise. Used primarily as a springboard to get the story started, Free Chilly will release the first 500 whales quickly with the second 500 to help building the story line deeper.

Halloween Event 2021:

Belugas will get dressed up in Fall attire and spooky costumes. They will come trick or treating to your wallet.

The launch of Immutable X has been put into motion. We will update this as we progress.

Season Two: New Skins, New Traits. By this time we should be working with other small teams to cross-promote and add amazing value to holding a Beluga! We are already 50% done with the new traits. They will be stunning. At this point, we should be whale on our way to buying and redistributing NFTs from smaller artists. Our goal is to create a group of Belugas that can really get behind and uplift artists we believe in.

Darksea Belugas:

A pod of belugas will be dropped into the blockchain that are the villains of the storyline. They will be quite the contrast to the adorable launch Belugas.


Building a community that supports other small artists and communities. Other projects might focus on working with well-known artists and groups. Beluga Bay is more focused on helping smaller, like-minded projects achieve their dreams. Finding struggling projects and offering a helping hand will be part of the mission.

Road Map:


What’s up with the mint?

As of 9/25/2021, the mint will not be blind. You will be able to pick out the whales you want. This may or may not change before launch. The whales have pretty vibrant personalities. I don’t want people to buy or feel they get stuck with a whale that doesn’t match their personality. There are some whales wearing sundresses with full wizard beards. Awesome to most, but I want you to be able to choose your forever whale.

How does the rarity system for Season One work?

There are roughly 84 million combinations when Season One releases. The legendary status whale will start being slowly released into the community at a rate that is balanced. The community will be pivotal in achieving that balance with feedback and polls.

Will you get rarity tools?

Beluga Bay wants to do things that feel right. When this project is successful enough to get rarity tools, we will do a reality check to see if that is really worthwhile to the community.

Who is Mr. Glitch?

A named Beluga. He may be a quest giver. He may be a mad man. He might be both of these things.

What is the role of Interplanetary (the person)?

My role is to create infrastructure and allow Beluga Bay to become an autonomous unit. My goal is to create a safe, creative environment that is positive and uplifting but yet playful when it comes to the nuances of managing a bay full of whales. Whether we are adventuring together or creating the next big NFT project as a collective, focusing on pushing the community forward should be the first objective.

Creator of Beluga Bay NFT Project